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Feb 14

Recruiting Resolutions #5: Be a Social Butterfly

Eighty-four percent of organizations today use social media for recruiting, according to research by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). And Aberdeen Group reports that best-in-class...

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Feb 07

Recruiting Resolutions #4: Make Mobile More Meaningful

Modern recruiting approaches need to fit an increasingly interconnected and mobile world that requires businesses to be always-on and professionals to be always on the go. Even in this...

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Jan 31

Recruiting Resolutions #3: Double Down Using Data

Data and analytics are key to enhancing team productivity and performance. As we mentioned recently, recruiters who want to step up their game can benefit from consulting the playbooks of modern...

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Jan 25

Recruiting Resolutions #2: Source Stronger in Person

Recruiters source candidates online. That’s a fact. And here’s another one: Nothing beats meeting in-person if you really want to get to know your prospects and engage them.

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Jan 18

Recruiting Resolutions #1: Build a Healthier Pipeline of Talent

The new year brings change, and with it, a natural feeling of uncertainty about what lies ahead. Yet two things are likely to remain the same for many businesses for the foreseeable future: the...

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Jan 16

Why Recruiters Should Take a Page (or Two) From sales team playbooks

The work of a recruiter is a lot like that of a salesperson- you identify prospects, build a pipeline, nurture them through the process, and eventually close the deal. But, sales teams have...

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Nov 29

How Telecommuting Can Improve Your Recruiting and Retainment Efforts

In 2013, Marissa Mayer banned telecommuting as an option for Yahoo employees. There was an industry-wide uproar, resulting in a great deal of negativity around Yahoo as a company and a potential...

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Nov 22

Meetup and Eventbrite: Using Non-Traditional Recruiting Methods


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Oct 04

Recruiting In the Palm of Your Hand

Mobile - it’s a must have tool for job searchers.  Glassdoor’s Research has found that 9 out of 10 job searchers are using mobile apps to look for jobs.  You already know that, and your recruiting...

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Sep 21

Back to School - 7 Tips for Recruiting on College Campuses

Here we are at the end of September and most universities have resumed their classes for the Fall.  Unless you have a child who is in college, you may not think this means much to you.  But if you’re...

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