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Why Recruiters Should Take a Page (or Two) From sales team playbooks

The work of a recruiter is a lot like that of a salesperson- you identify prospects, build a pipeline, nurture them through the process, and eventually close the deal. But, sales teams have established processes, systems, and tools to help increase their productivity; recruiters and sourcers could benefit a great deal from taking a page or two from sales playbooks. 

Research from DHi reveals that companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find and hire top talent, with 45% saying the time to fill open positions has lengthened relative to last year, with 53% reporting that this is due mostly to the inability to find qualified professionals. So what is to be done to hire smarter and faster in this candidate driven economy?

In a recent blogpost on the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference site, Shravan Goli, President of Brightmatter Group, a division of DHi Group Inc, and the creator of getTalent, discusses just Why Recruiters Should Take a Page (or Two) From Sales Team Playbooks. In this blog, Goli discusses how to take advantage of advances made in the sales industry to gain an advantage in sourcing and hiring top talent.

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Goli discusses the merits of leveraging technology to build and manage a strong pipeline of candidates, developing a defined and unique employer brand to engage with hard-to-reach audiences, and the value in measuring success with metrics. The landscape is shifting and many have seen the power swing to candidates, rather than employers, in today’s job market making it imperative that sourcers and recruiters take advantage of every tool at their disposal to find the best candidates.

To learn more, read the full post on the SRSC Blog.

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